Don't Suffer, Speak out, Just smile!

I'm being Bullied - Please Help!

 Have they said nasty things about your appearance? Have they said nasty things about your homelife? Have they wrote nasty comments about you on websites so that everyone can look and have a laugh? Have they attacked you in any form - throwing scissors, discretely elbowing you or/and kicking you or/and trying to trip you up? Have they laughed at you when ever you walk in a room? Have they ever threatened to do something to you, or to someone you love, if you tell a teacher?

If they have done any of these things, or even worse, then you are being bullied and you need to tell someone, if you haven't all ready.

Here is some advice, which will help you not feel alone:

1. Tell someone you trust – teacher, friend, parents.

2. Don’t ignore the problem and think it will get better – it will probably get worse if left too long.

3. Don’t retaliate or bully them back – however much revenge you may want, it will make the situation worse and you would also be the bully, so nothing would be resolved.

4. Make sure you stay with your true friends and be yourself; you don’t need the bullies as friends.

5. Just Smile!– however upset and angry you feel, the bullies will get enjoyment from seeing you upset, so act confident and cheerful, so that you show them that they haven’t got to you.